yule river project

The area is considered prospective for gold, platinum group metals (PGM's) and base metals

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the region

There has been no recorded historical mining activity on the Yule River tenement. During the early 1970’s,  the Australian Inland Exploration Company explored for base metals along proximate to the Sholl Shear Zone that forms the focus of the Company’s Yule River Project. No significant exploration discoveries were made, however, drilling (nearby to the current Golden State Mining Balla Yule occurrence) in 1973/74 by Australian Inland Exploration intersected an Archaean gabbro having a best assay of 52.3% total Iron, 4.55% Titania and 5.3% Chrome oxide.

In the early 1980’s, Esso Exploration carried out volcanogenic massive sulphide exploration activities along the Sholl Shear Zone. Although analogous lithologies to the Mons Cupri occurrence were identified, results were generally disappointing and further exploration was abandoned.

Approximately one decade later, Western Mining Corporation conducted BIF hosted gold exploration along the Sholl Shear Zone. Over 1000 metres of reverse circulation drilling was carried out intersecting Quaternary and Tertiary cover up to 80m thick comprising indurated sands and thick unconsolidated pebble and cobble alluvial material. A variety of lithologies including serpentinised ultramafics, chloritic schists, granitoids, mafic and felsic volcanics, fuchsitic cherts and a quartz-feldspar pyrite zone with traces of chalcopyrite were identified from the drilling. The best intersection was 2m @ 0.45 ppm Au from 55-57m in a serpentinized ultramafic. Intense quartz-magnetite-pyrite-chalcopyrite alteration was noted in one hole with maximum geochemistry of 0.008 ppm Au, 495 ppm Cu and 7 ppm Sb. Results were inconclusive and WMC relinquished title to the Sholl Shear Zone areas and abandoned further exploration.

In 1993, CRA Exploration carried out drilling for base metals, nickel and gold. Drilling was hampered by high water flows with best intersections of 450 ppm Cu and 1500 ppm Zn.

More recent activities such as VTEM and Aeromagnetics (Brumby Resources, 2006) have been conducted with interesting but inconclusive results. Currently, most of the Sholl Shear Zone region is covered by either Caeneus or Golden State Mining with the latter company actively carrying out further gold and base metals exploration..