Pardoo Project

Pardoo Project

The Pardoo Project is located in the Northern Pilbara, 100km east of the regional centre of Port Hedland. The Project is prospective for magmatic nickel-copper sulphides. 

The Company has been preparing for a field reconnaissance, outcrop and soil sampling program at the two Exploration Licences, E45/4585 and E45/4671, which comprise the Company’s Pardoo Project covering an area of approximately 110 square kilometres.

In the past few years, the Pilbara region has seen increasing exploration for gold as well as base metals, and the Company will evaluate both tenements for potential precious and base metals mineralisation. A complete literature review is underway on both Exploration Licences, and it is anticipated that outcrop and soil sampling traverses will be conducted over selected regions of both tenements as a precursor to future potential drilling programs.

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