The Scotty's South - Sarcobatus Flats Project

The Scotty's South - Sarcobatus Flats Project

The Scotty's South - Sarcobatus Flats Project consists of 200 claims totalling approximately 4,000 acres and is a desert playa lake located in Nye County, western Nevada along state route 95 approximately 110km south of Tonopah and 72km southeast of Clayton Valley, the location of the producing Silver Peak world-class lithium brine mine. 

The valley associated with the project is over 30km long and 20km wide, and where streams from an approximately 2,000km2 drainage basin empty. The source rocks are quartz-rich volcanics that contain anomalous amounts of lithium. 

The area displays the presence of highly anomalous concentrations of lithium, encountered from preliminary surface sediment sampling programs in the region. Sampling of salt flats within the valley has previously found lithium values in salt samples ranging from 50 to 340ppm.

Several important similarities exist between the settings of Sarcobatus Flats and a Clayton Valley type lithium brine deposit. The property is located in a closed structural basin, contain similar stratigraphy and occupies a lacustrine environment with similar regional hydrogeography and geochemistry to Clayton Valley. In essence, Sarcobatus Flats represents an under-explored analogue to Clayton Valley.

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